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Clubhouse Architects and Interiors   

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SERVICES OF THE FIRM                   

SVJ+ is a full services firm offering our clients the all important "single source of responsibility" for the entire project design and management. This provides a coordinated development, prevents innumerable problems and greatly reduces duplication of efforts and fee costs.  We design our projects first to work efficiently and economically from an operations viewpoint.  Then, each project is completed with appealing architectural and interior statements that are appropriate for its Owner, site and budget.  Our comprehensive services include: 

* Master Planning

* Renovation/Expansion Studies 

* Member Surveys and Focus Groups 

* Marketing/Feasibility Studies 

* Building Code, Ordinance and Permit Review 

* Complete Project Programming 

* Pen and Ink and Colored Renderings, and Scaled Models 

* Architecture/Interior Design 

* In-house blueprinting, plotting and recording 

* Computerized Budgeting, Cost Analysis

* Purchasing Services for Furnishings and Equipment   Controls and Cost Data Base at substantial savings 

* Computerized Design (CAD), * Contract Administration, construction inspections, Drawings and Specifications quality control and coordination between the Owner and the Contractor 

* Consulting Engineering of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Acoustical, Lighting and other systems design

* Food/Beverage Equipment Design, Acoustical, Lighting and other systems design 

* Comprehensive Project Coordination 

* Graphics Design 

* Construction Management 

An emphasized and integral part of our service is the control of the budget. We create a comprehensive project budget with the initially approved floor plans. As the design develops in greater detail, we continually expand the project's budget into a more specific cost analysis. The budget status and cost problems can be identified, and options considered early in the design. This helps prevent unpleasant surprises during the bidding process, when the construction documents have been completed and we are ready to begin construction. There is simply no better source for experienced Clubhouse design and coordination than SVJ+.